Ex Nihilo at Octopus Literary Salon

Above:  Genevieve Perdue as Decima, Colleen Egan as Nona, Alexaendrai Bond as Morta.  

The Octopus Literary Salon offers a colorful space in uptown Oakland for “living room” gatherings of poets, playwrights, musicians and more.  Last night featured the third episode of Terra Incognita, a live serial audio drama, created by Ex Nihilo, a playwright collective that stages its own grass roots productions.  In the story, three bickering sisters find themselves on a spooky road trip whose trajectory gets determined by a cursed dartboard.  An evocative script, magically real, psychologically familiar, though rough around the edges, kept the audience chortling, and included live foley effects and musical interludes.  Brian Vouglas as the “unreliable narrator” added some polish with his perfectly projected vocals.  The next episode takes place on April 21 at 7pm.   IMG_0914.JPG

Photos by Kristin Cato

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